Early Access

Colorado law allows school districts the choice to offer the opportunity to identify and serve highly advanced gifted four- or five-year-old children who require comprehensive academic acceleration through early access to either kindergarten or first grade.  It is the intent of the law that early access is not intended for all children who are gifted, but rather that there are some children for whom early access is an appropriate educational decision. Children for whom early access is being requested must either be four years of age on Oct 1st for kindergarten or five years of age on  Oct 1st for first grade.  This procedure is developed to comply with state law and the governing rules pertaining to Early Access found at 1 CCR 301-8 Section 12.08.

Applications must be submitted to the GT teacher at AES between March 1 and April 1.

Click here to view ASD's Early Access procedures.

Click here to view ASD's Early Access Application.

Application submission window: March 1 through April 1 to Ada Friedman at afriedman@aspenk12.net.