Mr. Shea Robinson

Hello! My name is Shea Robinson. I am the School Counselor at Aspen Elementary School. I am here to provide assistance to your student to promote success in the home, school, and community settings. I provide academic, social, emotional, & career support in order to guide them to a positive path for their future. I work with the students in many different capacities throughout the school year. I work with them in the classroom through guidance lessons that focus on many different areas including success in school and life, character development, coping strategies, conflict resolution, and relationship building. I also meet with many students on either an individual basis or whom I work with in small groups. These students receive individualized, focused attention in order to work through specific topics that may have become a barrier to that student becoming the very best student they can be. The issues discussed in individual and/or group settings range from divorce, to death of a loved one, to social skills, to emotional regulation, and everything in between!

If you have questions regarding the services provided to your student or would like to refer your student for individual or group counseling, feel free to contact me or their homeroom teacher. Parents, teachers, nurses, etc. can refer students for counseling services. We are open to discussing the needs of your student and any other concerns you may have.

Thank you,

Shea Robinson School Counselor

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